STEROP is open to new partners with strong marketing & sales culture for a successful collaboration. The company is particularly interested in long-term business collaborations.

  • Global ambition with local strength

    STEROP has experienced a continuous growth on international markets. The company wishes to extend its network of licensees and distributors and thus increase its international presence on new markets.

  • Our actions to improve patients’ well-being

    The primary objective of Laboratories STEROP S.A, is to provide patients with effective medicines in various therapeutic areas in order to address therapeutic areas which are niche or essential products, to reduce the risk of adverse reactions and to improve patients’ compliance to treatments.

  • What we offer

    Partnerships with foreign companies are based on License or Agency Agreements.


Sterop is your partner as subcontractor for a large range of production.
Its experience and know-how make of Sterop your best partner in pharmaceuticals.