From the start of the company in the pharmacy of Joseph Eykerman to the pharmaceutical company of today, the drive is to save lives and help & protect patients

  • Our history

    • STEROP was established in 1947 by the pharmacist Joseph Eykerman at the back of his pharmacy, with the task of delivering essential injectable drugs on the local market.
      In the ’60, the company was taken over by his son, Luc Eykerman, industrial pharmacist.
      In the early ’80, development of the production of dry form products (tablets, powders).
      Over the last 70 years, STEROP has built up an unrivalled track record in the manufacturing and development of essential drugs at competitive price and excellent Belgian made quality as part of an effective customer oriented solutions.
  • Corporate information

    • STEROP is a family owned business with its head office and production facilities located in Brussels, at the heart of Europe.
    • STEROP’s team is composed by 100 full-time employees. Highly trained, committed, the team assures you a professional expertise.
  • Major milestones

  • 1947

    Creation of Laboratoires STEROP in Brussels by Joseph Eykerman
  • 1972

    Acquisition of Laboratoires PHARMACOBEL
  • 1977

    Acquisition of Laboratoires OPTIMA
  • 1980

    Acquisition of Laboratoires BIERGON & MEDI-LABO
  • 1982

    Foundation of STEROP OVERSEAS
  • 1987

    New range of hygiene products and medical devices
  • 2001

    CE Certification for Medical Devices
  • 2003

    Acquisition of PHARMETHIC product portfolio
  • 2006

    Acquisition of Laboratoires STELLA & BIOGAM product portfolio
  • 2007

    Extension of the manufacturing zones (2 new lines for ampoules filling)
  • 2010

    Acquisition of DENOLIN product portfolio
  • 2011

    Extension of the manufacturing zone (2 new lines for ampoules and 1 for pre-filled syringes filling)
  • 2018

    Extension of the packaging zone for liquid forms
  • 2019

    Extension of the manufacturing zone (new line for vials)